Mia Khalifa claims seaside town is better than Miami 1 month ago

Mia Khalifa claims seaside town is better than Miami

She also confessed her love for blood pudding during her UK visit.

Former porn star and Lebanese-born influencer Mia Khalifa says she has fallen in love with the British coastal town following a two-week stay in the country.


The 29-year-old has become known for her frequent jaunts around the world, sharing visits to Paris, Berlin, Marrakech and London with her 28 million Instagram followers.

But it was the small coastal town of Whistable in Kent that really captured her imagination. Khalifa recently spent a fortnight there, saying she was "heartbroken to leave".


Her affection for the place was reflected by the fact she returned last week, writing on Instagram: "Whitstable, I adore you."

And once again, she was devastated to leave, sharing a picture as she landed in Miami with the caption: "Whitstable > Miami."

The unlikely love affair has gone down a treat with Brits.

One Twitter user wrote: "Seeing @miakhalifa become a Whitstable seaside girl is the best part of my year."


Others noticed that she's even changed her Twitter banner to a sunset in the town.

"Love how you've got Whitstable as your banner," one fan wrote.

The former porn star also enjoyed a trip to London where she took in the sights of some of the city's best shops, including Bond Street and Selfridges.

She showed off some of the swanky shops to her Instagram followers, in a post captioned: "A perfect Sunday? Blood pudding and Annie’s and Bentley’s and Selfridges.


Whitstable is renowned for its famous 'Native Oysters' as well as its multi-coloured beach huts.

Its traditional charms, rich maritime history and strong arts culture complement the modern town, which is just over an hour's train out of London.

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