NOT BREXIT: Adorable endangered baby gorilla born in Dublin Zoo 1 year ago

NOT BREXIT: Adorable endangered baby gorilla born in Dublin Zoo

Close your eyes. Clear you mind. Don't think about Brexit.

Now, imagine an adorable newborn baby gorilla, laying on its mother's chest, just chillaxing. Okay, you can open your eyes now.


Dublin Zoo

BAM. Take that Brexit, we've got a new gorilla. The six-day-old wee creature was born to first-time mum Vana and dad Bangui in Dublin Zoo on Saturday, weighing roughly 2-2.5kg.

According to Dublin Zoo, the baby is yet unnamed and keepers have been unable to determine the gender, as the mother has kept the baby western lowland gorilla close to her chest since birth. The baby is Bangui's second child in six months, he fathered the new baby's half-sister Asali earlier this year.

Aisling Kenneally, Zoo Keeper at Dublin Zoo said: "We’re delighted to announce that a second baby gorilla has been born at Dublin Zoo this year. As western lowland gorillas are critically endangered, it’s amazing that we have had not only one but two new births within a few months."

Dublin Zoo, based in Phoenix Park, has also shared an adorable video of the newborn's first few days, which you can watch below.


You can read more information about the new baby gorilla here. Dublin Zoo have confirmed that there will be soon a naming contest open to the public to help name the baby.