Not sure about what to look for in an engagement ring? Help is at hand 8 years ago

Not sure about what to look for in an engagement ring? Help is at hand

Buying a diamond is one of the most expensive purchases a man can make, so here's a guide to make the process a bit easier.

Let's be honest, most of us don't have a clue about jewellery, and when it comes to diamonds, we are even more clueless. But there's much more to these shiny little rocks than, well, just being shiny little rocks and the more you know, the better your purchase will be.


With Christmas coming up, some of you may be about to buy one of these carbon-based beauties, so with a little (okay, a lot) help from Peter Fitzpatrick from Bespoke Diamonds, here's all you need to know about each different type of diamond.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond - round

The round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape sold today, and accounts for around 70 per cent of diamonds sold in Ireland. Diamond cutters have been studying advanced theories of light in an effort to optimize the brilliance and fire in a round cut. To get the most bling from your round brilliant cut diamond, you should select a high cut grade (this info will be on a diamond certificate) – typically ideal or very good. Also choose ideal, excellent or very good for polish and symmetry.


Princess Cut Diamond - princess

This is a square cut diamond with numerous sparkling facets. It is the second most popular diamond shape after the round brilliant cut. Princess cut diamonds can differ in how square they are. The diamond certificate will explain the ratio. If you prefer the square look, keep the ratio to 1.0 to 1.1 – a ratio greater than 1.1 will start to look rectangular. This diamond shape can look very flattering on a hand with long fingers. A most popular engagement ring.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

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The emerald cut diamond is rectangular in shape and is also known as the 'step cut' due to its concentric border and flat planes which resemble a stair step. This diamond shape shows up inclusions more easily and the diamond colour is more pronounced. Ensure you pick a diamond of superior clarity and colour if you go with this option. Be careful if you select a diamond below Si clarity and viewing before purchase is recommended.

Marquise Cut Diamonds - marquise


This beautiful shape diamond is elongated with pointed ends and can maximise carat weight which can give you a much larger looking diamond for your money. This diamond shape can also make the finger look long and slender. Marquise cut diamonds come in different shapes, from fat looking ones to thin. The ‘average’ ratio (length –to-width ratio) of a marquise cut diamond would be 1.75 to 2.25 – below this the diamond will look fat, above this it will look long and thin

Oval Cut Diamonds - oval

The oval cut diamond are quite popular and becoming an increasingly popular engagement ring choice in Ireland over the past two years. Their length can give a flattering illusion of length to the hand. Similar to the marquise, the oval can come in different shapes. The length-to-width ratio will determine the look of the diamond, short fat looking oval to a long slim oval. Traditionally the classic oval would have a ratio of 1.3 to 1.6 but some people prefer different looks.

This is only the tip of a very big iceberg, but it does give you a head start and an idea of what type of diamond may suit the person you have in mind.


For more info, just click here and the best thing to do is book in to see the man himself, Peter Fitzpatrick, at BeSpoke Diamonds in Dublin.