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11th Sep 2019

Comedian Josh Pray to stop making Irish-themed videos following online abuse

Rudi Kinsella

josh pray

Pray said he had received some messages of a negative nature from individuals based in Ireland.

American comedian Josh Pray gathered a fairly large audience relatively quickly in recent months after he started posting videos about the GAA on his social channels.

He clearly had a passion for the Gaelic games and encouraged all of his fellow Americans to check them out.

Such was the positive response to his videos online, he was flown over to Ireland by the GAA and Tourism Ireland to see the All-Ireland final between Dublin and Kerry, and to experience the country as a whole.

A lot of people were happy to see him rewarded for his videos, while others felt that it was a waste of money on a bandwagon fan.

Since then, Pray has obviously seen the backlash to some of his videos, as he has decided to take a break from posting content about Irish culture.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Pray said: “Due to the negative nature of some messages that I’ve gotten from some Ireland based individuals whom think I should let Irish bred folks commentate Irish sports, I will refrain from posting about the Irish culture for a few weeks. There you go lads, have at it.”

A number of his fans have commented on the post, urging him to make a return.

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