EXCLUSIVE: First look at the brand new version of The Palace on Camden Street 9 months ago

EXCLUSIVE: First look at the brand new version of The Palace on Camden Street

We're not exaggerating when we say that this is going to be one of the hottest venues in the country.

As we're sure you saw last week, The Palace is making a comeback very soon. Just a matter of days actually.

What you knew as The Palace has been renamed as The Camden, and it's opening on Monday 16 September.

The Camden will comprise of several different identities all in one, bigger and better than you may remember it.

First of all, the new venue contains Jimmy Rabbitte's, one of Dublin city's favourite new pubs. But besides that, you've got a huge separate bar with dozens of televisions, including the biggest 4K LED television in Ireland.

And obviously a dance floor, just to bring the memories flooding back...

palace camden street

Upstairs you've got more massive televisions, in a class area overlooking the dance floor.

palace camden street

And here's what might be seen as the best part of the whole thing - a secret "speakeasy" bar upstairs.

You have to push what is essentially a hidden door to get in, and what lies behind is what used to be The Long Stone on Townsend's Street. The Long Stone pub, which shut its doors in 2018, has essentially been recreated in The Camden, in the form of a 1920s secret bar.

And there's that pool table we're sure you remember...

palace camden street

And as if that's not enough, there's a Five Lamps brewery in the middle of the whole thing, as well as a private cinema that you and your mates can rent out for a match, and where you can do a Five Lamps taste tour.

palace camden street

The Camden, which will serve food and drink, opens on Monday 16 September.

It literally has it all, lads.