Life | 9 months ago

Warning - this might hurt your eyes.

A photo has surfaced online of a packet of ham. It's just a regular packet of ham but it's ended up causing quite a stir and has been trending for the last 24 hours.

The reason being because people can't decide if the camera was out of focus when the photo was taken or if the ham is playing tricks with our minds.

Image via Reddit

The camera is most likely not out of focus because the container the ham is sitting in is fully in focus, so what is going on?

It's wrecking a lot of people's heads with some saying, "It's hurting my eyes", "This actually gave me motion sickness" and "Oh god I closed one eye to make it better but it was still bad".

Some other's have tried to offer a solution saying, "Is it just sliced so thinly that you can actually see through it to the marbling on the slice(s) beneath it?" and "Everything is in focus. The issue is that the ham slices are semi-transparent and because they are out of alignment they look blurry."

The person who owns the ham shared a video to try and help the situation which clarified that it is due to the placing of the sliced ham and how thin it is.

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