PICS: Garda in Waterford stop driver for using mobile phone and make startling discovery 2 years ago

PICS: Garda in Waterford stop driver for using mobile phone and make startling discovery

It was just one of the stops they shared the startling details of on Saturday.

Another day, and the Garda Traffic Corps are giving some shocking/depressing facts about their stops and arrests today.


This isn't far from the first time we've told a story like this either, such as this Kildare stop and seize van with a staggering amount of things wrong with it.

Remember this one, with no licence but loads of extra drugs on board?

Or this one, with the open bottle of wine in the cup holder?

Or maybe this one, because the driver was committing one of the worst speeding offences of the year?

And now, here we are, with another one:

Having spotted a driver holding a phone, they stopped the driver and performed a drug test.

Here are the results:


Yep, that is positive for cocaine. And cannabis. AND opiates (which are in everything from codeine, to morphine, to heroin).

Additionally, the Garda Traffic Corps tweeted about the Naas Roads Policing Unit arresting a drunk driver at 10.30am on Saturday morning on the old Naas road as he was five times over the legal limit. He was charged with drunken and dangerous driving and will appear in court very soon.

And finally, there was this one in Cork:


Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR) had the Cork City police pull the driver over, who was found to have no insurance.

An oral fluid test is used to check for drugs in a person's system (which this person failed), while the roadside impairment test is the one you see in movies and TV all the time, i.e. can you walk in a straight line, close your eyes and touch the tip of your nose, stuff like that.


All of the above were reported across the country just on Saturday morning, so please do remember not to drink/drug and drive.