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22nd Jun 2017

PICS: This stag party in Louth had a Paddy “Pintman” Losty theme and their t-shirts were epic

Now that's a shirt we would take off any man's back.

Rory Cashin


The legend lives on…

Continuing the trend of possibly the best Irish meme of 2017, Paddy “Pintman” Losty is still having a daily influence on the folk of Ireland.

For those of you unaware, the phenomenon is inspired by the great Paddy Losty, a picture of whom was brought to the Irish public’s attention in 2015 by, who found him in a book titled ‘Dublin pub life and lore’ by Kevin C Kearns.

Paddy, so goes the description in the book, was one of Dublin’s great pintmen, who were known to put away 30 or more pints in a day, and his status as a viral sensation really kicked off this year when he became the basis for several memes involving  a man drinking 45 pints in about two hours, with only a packet of ‘crips’ and ‘maybe a packet of peanuts’ for sustenance.

One of JOE’s loyal readers got in contact with us to show off the t-shirts that he and the rest of the his stag party wore during their recent pre-wedding celebrations in Carlingford.

Mark Reilly, the groomsman Shane McHale, and the rest of the mostly Mayo lads wandered around the Louth town, and as Mark puts it:

“Everyone we met were either laughing their heads off or wondering what it was about but they all said they had never seen a stag t-shirt like it before.”

We have to agree, they are pretty awesome.

But we think you’ll agree, we need to know how many bags of crips and packets of peanuts the lads got through before the stag weekend came to an end.

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