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27th Aug 2017

This pub is charging an extortionate amount of money for a single pint

We're going to pass on this one unless you're buying that is. 



It’s “a cracking pint” and an expensive one.

How much would you pay for a pint that falls in the category of a great beer? €4? €5? Maybe €6 at an awful push.

Well, this pub in London is charging more than three times the amount of an average pint of beer for a drink by the name of North West Double IPA by Cloudwater.

The Rake, in Borough Market sold the pint of the craft IPA which is 8.2% for the bonkers price of £13.40 which to me and you works out at around €14.50.

The pub was not solely to blame for this price. The brewer, Cloudwater, dealt with The Rake through a distributor meaning that the beer had a middleman.

It was that middleman who then subsequently added the margin to the beer.

The supplier, Euroboozer, however, released their costings for the beer and stated that although the gross profit for the keg was nearly £23 (€24.80), it was much less than the company would usually make, hence the extra cost.

“No one here is making anyone buy any beer but if you can afford it and want to then go ahead because it’s a smashing pint. Good beer costs good money.

“Being charged £130+ for a 20L keg by the distributor we’re always going to struggle to keep the price down but we love Cloudwater beers … we want to showcase them and spread the love.”

This is what the pint in question looks like…

We’re going to pass on this one unless you’re buying that is.