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14th Mar 2024

Average Irish salary will buy you 32 fewer pints of Guinness than 17 years ago

Simon Kelly

Cost of Guinness

Less bang for your buck.

St Patrick’s Day is rapidly approaching, the weather forecast is looking pretty optimistic and massive thirst for a creamy pint of Guinness currently enveloping the country.

However, according to a new survey, the current average salary in Ireland will get you a lot less pints than it used to a few decades ago.

That is according to Irish savings marketplace Raisin Bank, who have calculated exactly how many pints the average Irish worker can afford over the last three decades.

The survey, which uses a stout-to-wage ratio, says that 2007 was the peak year for Guinness drinkers, who could buy 196 pints with their average weekly salary.

That’s a whole 32 extra pints than you’d get for your money in 2024, where a weekly salary of €922 will now buy you 164 pints.

Average Irish salary will buy you 32 fewer pints of Guinness than 17 years ago

The survey notes that Irish pub-goers were in hysterics when the price of a stout surpassed €3 in 2002, again when it went over €4 in 2002 and 10 years later when it hit €5.

According to the research, the price of a pint is rising at a rapid rate, with the average pint of Guinness now costing €5.62 – an increase of almost 70 cents in just two years.

Going back to 1997, you would get 170 pints with the average €427 pay cheque.

Unfortunately, along with 2014 and 2015, we are currently living in the worst year in terms of the stout-to-wage ratio. It won’t stop us ordering one, but we do miss the good old days.

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The venue beat the likes of Niagara Falls in Canada, The Great Wall of China, and Machu Picchu in Peru.

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