Podcast: The Engine Room Show – Episode 59 9 years ago

Podcast: The Engine Room Show – Episode 59

On this week’s Engine Room Show, the lads answer some brilliant listeners questions while Top Gear’s latest contributor, Dave Humphreys, tells us about driving an Audi A8 at 270kph.

To kick off this week’s show, Humphreys starts by giving us some motoring news by talking about the all-new Opel Insignia (pictured above) which has an engine capable of doing 1,800km on a single tank of fuel (although, you’d probably get a medal for doing so).


We also get to hear about the new Skoda Rapid Spaceback and the update of the Audi A8, which Dave got to drive on the Autobahn – hence the 270kph mentioned above. The lucky...

The lads take some listener’s questions that were sent in to the Engine Room Show on the latest social media that everyone’s talk about called Boast. It’s a very handy app and since we’re talking about you can download it over here. It's definitely worth a look...

To wrap things up Cooper contemplates joining up to Electric Ireland’s electric car drive (he was joking… at least we think he was), and the lads discuss the pros and cons of owning an electric car.

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Oh, and on a side note, this particular JOE does not have “lovely hair”, contrary to what Humphreys has to say… but thanks anyway, Dave.