Pubs across Ireland are taking part in an Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey Week 4 years ago

Pubs across Ireland are taking part in an Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey Week

Time to get into the SPIRIT of Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey Week...

Irish whiskey has seen something of a revolution in the past few years, with more and more people making it their tipple of choice. To celebrate this fact, the first ever Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey Week will be taking place in pubs all over the country from 9 – 16 November.


Basically, every pub taking part will choose one whiskey brand they want to work with, and dedicating the week to that label. There will also be loads of specific events, including launches for brand-new products and tastings with whiskey experts (wish we knew where to sign up for that job).

Just an FYI, there is also going to be a Pot Still Party on Friday, 15 November, and we didn't even know that was a thing. All you need to know is that whiskey makers like Redbreast, Green Spot, Method & Madness and POWERS John's Lane will be involved, and you can get tickets here.

This isn't just for those of us who enjoy drinking it neat either. Be it served with an ice-cold beer, a plate of food or as part of a cocktail, the best part of Irish pot still whiskey is how many ways there are to enjoy it.

Irish single pot still whiskey is defined as a drink made in one Irish distillery with a mix of malted and unmalted barley. There was a time when it was one of the most popular drinks on the planet, and giving people a reason to get together and enjoy it is sure to help it get back on top.


That's what this festival is all about, and you can see all of the venues taking part here.