Study reveals the number of days the average person will spend having sex in a lifetime 6 years ago

Study reveals the number of days the average person will spend having sex in a lifetime

Sound about right to you?

It’s a topic that some people aren’t comfortable talking about and other people are probably TOO comfortable talking about, but did you ever stop to think how many days in an entire lifetime you would spend knocking boots?


According to a recent Reebok study, the average person spends 117 days having sex in their lifetime, or approximately four months, quite the marathon indeed.


The figures were revealed in a study titled 25,915 Days, a new Reebok brand campaign that correlates to the average number of days in a lifetime.

As part of the study, Reebok looked at the general physical activity we undertake each day without even thinking about it.


They used answers from 9,000 respondents in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, Russia, Korea and Spain to determine how much of our lives are taken up by said physical activities.

If 117 days having sex (0.45% of a lifetime) sounds impressive at first, it pales into significance when measured against some of the other activities examined in the study.

25,915 Days in the average human life. Are you honoring yours? (PRNewsFoto/Reebok)

The average human, for example, spends 7,709 days (29.75%) sitting down and 10,625 days (41%) engaging with technology, while spending just 180 days (0.69%) exercising.


More encouragingly, the average human can expect to do enough exercise in a lifetime to run the circumference of the earth 1.9 times and climb Mount Everest 4.5 times.

That’s if they’re not too busy in the boudoir, of course.