Here's how much is spent on the drinks industry in Ireland per year 5 years ago

Here's how much is spent on the drinks industry in Ireland per year

Some very interesting figures here.

While talks about the formation of a new government are ongoing, one of the key issues has been the topic of employment and the creation of more jobs in the Irish economy. Food Economist Ciaran Fitzgerald has reported on the importance of the drinks sector in generating regional economic growth and it's very interesting.


The drinks sector supports 92,000 jobs across the Irish economy with over €1.5 billion spent on raw materials and services. From this expenditure, 12,000 Irish farms are financially supported.

According to the Revenue Commissioner, Ireland's alcohol consumption is down 25% since 2001 with consumption of beer and spirits down by 40%. Wine consumption has been on the increase though. You probably won't be surprised to learn that alcohol prices in Ireland are the highest in the EU. These figures have even measured 60% higher than average EU prices.


While the sector continues to play an important role in the tourism and agricultural sectors, the last decade has seen a notable decline in the amount of pubs that remain in business. 1,100 pubs have closed with over 7,000 jobs lost in the Irish economy.

Fitzgerald also states that " one job in drinks manufacturing supports between seven and 10 jobs across the rural economy, when purchased inputs, tourism and hospitality impacts are considered. As opposed to the 1 job to 1 job created as a result of foreign direct investment".

Whiskey tourism attracts 550,000 tourists a year, but plans to expand the sector will see an increase of 330,000 over the next five years.

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