Things we're looking forward to in 2014 9 years ago

Things we're looking forward to in 2014

With 2013 in our rear view mirror, we coast in to the future looking straight ahead, but occasionally checking our wing mirrors too, otherwise that's dangerous driving

We've seen all that 2013 had to offer, and just like we did after our first plate of dinner on Christmas day, we've decided (perhaps foolishly) that we want more. So, will 2014 shape up to be a second helping of the delights of Christmas dinner when you're already too full to handle it, or will it offer us something different, such as the variety of the after-dinner turkey sandwich, introducing lettuce and bread into the mix? Here's what JOE thinks we'll see in twenty fourtee...n


Next-gen consoles
Alright, so they were released at the end of 2013, but they're really going to come into their own this year we think. There's a long list of fairly brilliant titles coming out that we're really looking forward to, that suggests we will be spending a lot more time with our PS4 and Xbox One in the New Year.

Wearable technology

From smartwatches to Google Glass we're pretty excited to be able to wear our technology and look like a dork while doing it. Although it doesn't seem like something that we need now, being able to do most of the functions of our smartphone but in more hands free way appeals to us, plus we can take a sneaky glance at our watch in business meetings but actually be on Twitter instead of paying any attention. Just make sure you close that big contract with Tokyo before you switch off.

Michael Knight


More J-Law!

Is there an excuse to want to see more Jennifer Lawrence? Probably not, but here are our reasons:
1) She's lovely
2) She's clearly mad sound because she's sound in all the interviews that she does and that's her real personality you can't tell us otherwise we're not listening blablablabla we can't hear you wawawawawabla
3) She's lovely
4) Jennifer Lawrence main
5) See point four again. And again and again. And again and again and again.

The Raid 2: Berandal

Do you like action stuffed with action and a serving of action on the side? If not, then we're going to kick you in the face with some action right now, and hit you upside the head with traction! Sorry, we meant action there in that last one, that was a typo.


Iko Uwais seems to be able to move his hands so quickly that they travel back in time to punch a clock in the face, then return to our time, making a laughing stock of the mere concept of linear time. In this sequel, his character goes undercover to crack the criminal underworld and protect his family, and punches the crap out of a wall.

Notable mention also goes to the Lego movie, we feel they can really build on this concept. Sorry.


More House of Cards

Kevin Spacey & Co. were absolutely brilliant in the first series, and with the second series due out this year, we're super-de-dooper-excited to see what's on offer. Being that it's a Netflix original (well, it's a remake, but you know what we mean) you can watch it in your own time, but we'll be bingewatching when it does come out, since it's pretty hard to put down. That and they start playing the next episode 19 seconds after you finish the first one. So addictive... Anyway, just look at the trailer here, look at it!

The World Cup

While the Olympics is a celebration of human endeavour and while the Rugby World Cup is a feast of oval action, nothing beats the World Cup for us. Yes it is run by a bunch of [edited by JOE lawyers] but with up to three top class international games on EVERY day for a whole month it is impossible not to love it. With virtually every global superstar making an appearance in this year's version (except for Zlatan) it is shaping up to be a wide open tournament too.

Add in the fact it is being played in Brazil, so we should get great crowds and very handy kick-offs times for us Europeans, and it is easily the highlight of the year. If only Ireland were there, eh...