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16th Jun 2023

Jennifer Lawrence reveals her favourite ‘Friday night movie’

Simon Kelly

Jennifer Lawrence interview

Add No Hard Feelings to the list.

We all have our favourite ‘Friday night movie’ – that one reliable flick you can stick on a Friday night either at home alone or with a big group of mates that everyone will enjoy.

One new entry that a lot may add to their list this summer is No Hard Feelings, which stars Jennifer Lawrence as a down-on-her luck Uber driver who responds to an ad by an introverted 19-year-old’s (Andrew Barth Feldman) parents to bring him out of his shell in exchange for a new car.

The raunchy comedy is sure to gain a whole host of fans of noughties flicks of the same ilk and, as its directed by US Office writer Gene Stupnitsky, is positively full to the brim with laughs.

JOE sat down for an exclusive interview with Lawrence and Barth Feldman to ask them what their favourite Friday night flick was.

Barth Feldman was straight in first with The Muppets movie starring Jason Segal from 2011, a great answer. “That’s my number one favourite movie of all time,” he told us.

Lawrence followed up with hers – Bridget Jones Diary – another excellent choice.

“It’s just non-stop. I know exactly where it’s going. I think Renee Zellweger’s British accent, as a fellow American, is just perfect. I can’t hear anything wrong with it, I certify it British.”

The peculiar chemistry between Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman

The two leads also shared what it was like to act in a movie where the chemistry between them had to pretty bad, almost the reverse of most traditional rom-coms.

Lawrence explained:

“Gene tried to keep us apart after we were cast. But we had so much chemistry in the chemistry read. We auditioned great actors, but when Andrew walked out the door, we all looked at each other and almost rolled our eyes like ‘should we just go tell him [that he got the part]?’

“We had so much chemistry that I think it’s almost easier to fake it to be awkward,” she added. “I knew what you were doing and you knew what I was doing so we could, kind of, do it together as opposed to if we didn’t really mesh.”

Barth Feldman added: “Even when there’s awkwardness between these two people and they’re not connecting, you’re invested in them connecting because you can tell there’s something holding us together.”

No Hard Feelings is out in Irish cinemas on June 23 – which happens to be a Friday, by the way!

Check out JOE’s full exclusive interview below.

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