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20th Jun 2013

This week’s great Thomas Cook deals with discounts for JOE readers

The Irish summer has been threatening to break out again this week but we know it's not going to last. If it's sun you're after then check out this week’s brilliant Thomas Cook holiday deals.


The Irish summer has been threatening to break out again this week but we know it’s not going to last. If it’s sun you’re after then check out this week’s brilliant Thomas Cook holiday deals.

Couple Offers


Dublin to Egypt, 3* Shores Golden on All Inclusive, 17 July, 7 nights

Price: €629pp Price for readers: €525pp

Did someone say All-Inclusive? Yes, they did and while just over €500 a head is a great price for a week-long holiday in Egypt as it is, it’s even better when you consider that you won’t have to spend a penny when you’re on site at a resort that has all you’re looking for from a holiday and more and isn’t far from all of Egypt’s immediately recognisable tourist attractions.


Dublin to Turkey, 5* Gold City on B&B, 28 July, 7 Nights

Price: 879pp Price for readers €709pp

Some holidaymakers are looking for that little bit more luxury on their trip away and that’s just fine, they’ll find it at the five-star Gold City complex near Alanya, located on the idyllic Mediterranen south coast of Turkey.

With a discount of €160 thrown in for JOE readers, tourists who avail of the offer can expect top class views of the Alanya coastline and nearby Tauris mountain range and brilliant facilities on site including one of the biggest and best spa centres in the whole of Turkey.

As well as that, you’re only a short spin from Alanya itself and a five-minute walk from a stunning local beach. Bliss.


Cork to Crete, 3* Koni Village on Self Catering, 19 July, 7 Nights

Price: €585pp Price for readers: €465pp

Stalis is one of the most popular resorts that Crete has to offer and in terms of an all-round package you’ll do well to find a better place to stay than the Koni Village apartments, which are within walking distance of the resort centre and the beach and can provide comfortable lodgings for a week. Combined with return flights, the package will cost a good bit short of 500 quid for you and your better half. Sweet.

Family Offers (2 Adults and 1 Child)


Dublin to Lanzarote, 2* Plaza Palmeras on Self Catering, 27 July, 7 Nights

Price: €1599per family Price for readers: €1164 per family

As far as family holidays are concerned, it’s hard to beat Lanzarote with its pleasant climate, cool breeze and relaxed atmosphere, while there’s enough of a buzz about Puerto del Carmen at night if you want to get a babysitter around to look after the little one for a night or two.

The good folks at Thomas Cook have thrown in a discount of over €400 for any families who fancy a stay at the comfortable and convenient Plaza Palmeras apartments, which you’ll arrive at within 20 minutes of leaving the airport and will be spared having to respond to cries of ‘Are we there yet?’ coming from the back seat.

Cruise Offer

MSC PREZIOSA, Mediterranean Cruise, 19 July, Fly/Cruise 7 nights

Price: €1049pp Price for readers: €959pp

Can’t choose between Spain, France, or Italy this summer? Why not take them all in while on board the MSC PREZIOSA, a fine vessel that will transport you and your band of merry shipmates around the beautiful Mediterranean for seven sizzling days. Yarr.

We’ll stop talking like the Sea Captain from The Simpsons now so we can tell you about Barcelona, Marseille, Naples, Genoa, La Goulette in Tunisia amongst other destinations the cruise will be taking in along the way in a package that can be snapped up with change left over from a grand, a more than respectable price for this type of getaway.


To avail of the special discounts offered to JOE readers by the generous folk over at Thomas Cook, all you have to do is ring the following number: (01) 514 0307 and quote when making the booking.

Now pack that bag, don’t forget the suncream and enjoy those holidays people!

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