Our top 5 tips for anyone thinking about proposing this summer 3 months ago

Our top 5 tips for anyone thinking about proposing this summer

Brought to you by Voltaire Diamonds

Essential reading for anyone proposing this summer.

We don't know if it's the smell of sun cream, the BBQ or just the sunshine that does it, but there is something about summer that makes it ideal for proposing to your significant other.

That said, it's still a pretty daunting task. It's something that you're only ever going to do once, so you'd better be damn sure you're doing it right. Whether you're planning on doing it right here in Ireland or while you're on your holidays, here are our tips for proposing this summer.

Whatever you do, the first thing you're going to need to sort it the engagement ring. Voltaire Diamonds, beside Stephen's Green Shopping Centre, offers the finest of diamond rings without the cost of high street shops.

1. Keep it real

This is true for any time of year that you're planning on proposing, but it's not something that can be overstated. Don't overthink things, and putting too much effort into making it as spectacular as possible can make it all end up being a bit cringe worthy.

Try to remember that it's all about making it as personal as you can for who you're proposing to, rather than trying to get the best Instagram out of it. Stick to what you know they like, and you're halfway there.

2. Plan ahead

This tip is really more for people who are planning on proposing whilst abroad. When you're going through customs at the airport, the last thing you're going to want is to have security spoil the suprise for you by pulling the ring out of your bag.

Keeping the ring with your carry-on luggage is one piece of advice, but don't start panicking if they ask to perform a search. Try to be asked if you can go into a private room, while your partner waits outside.

For example, you might have envisioned an idyllic proposal at the beach, but then you get there at 2pm on a sunny Saturday only to find it packed. Try to think about when it would be quieter, and plan your proposal around that.

3. Use the weather to your advantage

You can't exactly rely on the Irish climate a lot of the time, but summer does at least make it a bit more likely to get some decent weather. Trying to time your proposal for a relaxed summer's evening is one way to make it that bit extra special, not only for the fact that your partner will likely be more relaxed in summer attire than they would be in a thick jacket and woolly scarf.

Try to book a photographer in advance, and maybe opt for actually popping the question at sunset. You'd be hard set to get nicer photographs of a moment that neither of you will never want to forget.

4. Ask for help

No matter how close the two of you are, there will almost always be a friend or family member who's even closer. As long as you think they're someone who can be trusted with such a hug secret, maybe ask them for a few pointers.

It's always nice to be able to bounce ideas off someone. Even if they're telling you that the beachside proposal you had planned isn't the way to go with your partner, it'll help bring you closer to making it as perfect as can be.

5. Don't be afraid to get others involved

This ties in nicely with the last point, but not everyone wants the proposal to be just the two of you. If your significant other is particularly close with their family, maybe look into how you could get them involved.

Summertime is BBQ time right, so how about arranging a family get-together for you to pop the question? Their family will become your family after all, so there's nothing wrong with making it a day for everyone to remember.

All the signs are there, now all you have to do is propose this summer. Located on King Street South, Voltaire Diamonds offers the finest of diamond rings without the cost of high street shops. Get in contact today to see how they can help you choose the perfect engagement ring by calling 01-6778449. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to find out what they have on offer!

Brought to you by Voltaire Diamonds