PIC: This might be the crappiest house party in the world 5 years ago

PIC: This might be the crappiest house party in the world

Careful now, a funeral might break out.

If you've ever been to a crap house party then you'll know what the exact protocol is. Be polite by staying for a "fair" amount of time, try to chat with the most interesting person there and if all else fails, drink until things become interesting.


While we're not encouraging you to go out and get rat-arsed drunk, a few brews can help take the edge off, especially if you're surrounded by complete strangers.


There was no chance of things getting crazy in Great Sankey, Warrington though after the police were called to a house that had more than 100 teenagers who were engaging in "anti-social behaviour".

The rogue teenagers even managed to make the local news but if you're expecting something that's like Project X meets The Hangover then you're wrong, although the reason why the event has gone viral is very funny.


The police felt so proud after busting up these "hooligans" that they tweeted the haul of drink that was confiscated. Once again, there were 100 people here and this is what they were drinking. 100 people.


Yep, some party. That's 9 cans of beer, one bottle of vodka, schnapps and Coca-Cola between 100 people. It must have been off the chain.

Right now my own fridge has more alcohol than that. Party animals.

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