UK politician tweets abuse in reaction to Ireland giving zero points in Eurovision 1 year ago

UK politician tweets abuse in reaction to Ireland giving zero points in Eurovision

Updated: 13.40

There have been all sorts of reactions to the last night's Eurovision Song Contest.

Yes, the most entertaining, most comp, least European singing contest (Hi, Australia!) in the world really is nothing more than the rhyming version of the Galactic Senate, with people voting for their neighbours and everyone being jealous of Sweden's song-writing ability.

Here's what we've had so far:

And now as a direct follow up to that, well, we'll let Warwick Tory Counsellor Nick Harrington tell you via the tweets that reportedly came from his account during the show's airing:


And if you thought that might have been the only offensive thing he might had tweeted during the Eurovision Song Contest (and we really can't emphasise that enough, that this is all because of the Eurovision Song Contest), well, you are way off...

And yes, it does appear that he deleted his account immediately after these tweets went out (or maybe Twitter took it down for abusive tweets?).

As you can imagine, the reaction online has been gigantic, with most calling for his immediate resignation.

Speaking to Newstalk, the leader of Warwick District Council, Councillor Andrew Mobbs confirmed that Mr Harrington has been suspended "with immediate effect for six months. [...] I found his comments completely unacceptable."

Meanwhile, a separate investigation has also been launched into the incident.


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