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23rd Feb 2015

Video: John Travolta’s behaviour at the Oscars was the very opposite of normal

It's not a ceremony without Tony Manero being strange

Paul Moore

It’s not a ceremony without Tony Manero being strange.

We all know that John Travolta is a multiple Oscar winner for his incredible performances in Battlefield Earth, Wild Hogs and Look Who’s Talking Too so naturally he was at last night’s ceremony.

It seems that Johnny T left his mark at the event in a very literal way though because his touchy-feely antics weren’t well received by everyone.

This image of him trying to cop a kiss from Scarlet Johansen is pretty creepy and her face says it all. The Pulp Fiction star is as smooth as sandpaper here.

It didn’t end as Idina Menzel, whose name was spectacularly ballsed up by John Travolta, got some slight revenge but again, what’s with the hands John?

We feel that this tweet sums up Travolta’s evening in a nutshell. Never change John, never change.

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