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06th Oct 2014

Video: Several spectators lucky to be alive following horrific rally crash

This video will put shivers down your spine...

Oisin Collins

This video will put shivers down your spine…

The following crash occurred at the 2014 Jolly Rally Valle d’Aosta in northern Italy over the weekend and, amazingly, not a single person was seriously injured in the incident.

Thankfully, both the driver and co-driver walked away from the mangled ball of steel that they once called their car, but they were taken to hospital anyway for a precautionary check up.

What’s even more amazing is the fact that none of the spectators sitting on the wall were injured, considering they didn’t have much time to react.

Even in the slow motion replay you can see one woman gives up on trying to get out of the way and instead she does her best to shield herself from the incoming car.

Scary stuff…

Via MF my video – YouTube