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04th Jan 2016

VIDEO: This bouncer secretly filmed how annoying drunk people are on a night out

Colm Boohig

New Year’s Eve has never looked less enjoyable.

We’re all the same after we’ve had a few too many jars and we’re trying to get into a club; we think our negotiations skills are world-class.

Well, that theory has been blown out of the water after this bouncer in Canada wore a GoPro to demonstrate just how annoying and equally absurd people are when they’re drunk.

As reported by Uproxx, this was originally filmed on New Year’s Eve in 2014, but it has only just emerged online and makes for captivating viewing.

This may have taken place in Ontario, but it’s incredibly similar to any night out in Ireland.

Take a gander (through your fingers to minimise the cringe factor).

Clip via YouTube/pwilliams58