Wish List: An evening of reliving Manchester United's glory days, grooming gear and great grub 7 years ago

Wish List: An evening of reliving Manchester United's glory days, grooming gear and great grub

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This United: Red Issue Event


Short of joining a support group, there are plenty of Manchester United fans out there who might want a place where people who are in the same unpleasant situation as them can vent a little bit about what's happening and get their feelings off their chest.

With a Q&A as well as a talk from United We Stand's Andy Mitten, Barney Chilton of Red News and Red Issue's John-Paul O’Neill, experts on the club and what exactly is happening there at the moment, there's no better place to be this Saturday evening than the Sugar Club in Dublin to get a bit of insight into the unfolding situation and David Moyes' position.

united con artist

You can also relive better times with a screening of the game at old Trafford between Manchester United and Barcelona in the European Cup Winners' Cup Quarter Final from March 21, 1984, one of the most famous games in recent memory. To get your tickets,head over here and get booking, but demand is expected to be pretty high, so get a move on.

Sapien Men Facial Scrub

The focus of the world will be on Brazil when the World Cup kicks off their this summer but there is much more to Brazil than football. It also happens to be the place that a slick new range of men's grooming products by Surya come from. Their Sapien brand have recently launched in Ireland and they have a full range of stuff, from shaving cream to shampoo.

We had a go at the facial scrub and we have to say it is a brilliant product. Made with Acai grains and Aloe Vera hydrates it really does the job of getting your skin as smooth as the proverbial. And, it comes with a beautiful woody smell so you waft elegant fragrance about the place too, saving yourself a few bob on aftershave.


You can get your hands on the full range of Sapien products at yourtonic.com

Peruke and Periwig

One thing Dublin is not short of is places to have a pint. Another facility we have in abundance is places to get a decent sambo. So why should you make the effort to go to Peruke and Periwig on Dawson Street then? Well, only opened earlier this month, it is the latest venue in the empire that also includes VCC, The Workman's and The Liquor Rooms. If you have been to those places you will know that they look great, with a distinctive style and Peruke and Periwig is just the same, with a real old school feel to the place, in both the bar and the two very plush lounges upstairs.

peruke image

With a fine range of beers, from big names to craft varieties, and their own special cocktails it is a great spot for a drink but the beef dip sandwiches are worth the trip alone. Served with their own gravy and superb skinny fries, it might be the finest hot sandwich in Dublin.


Give it a go, you won't be sorry.