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For those of you interested...

Tinder has grown exponentially over the past few years and is one of the biggest dating apps in the world.

If you're curious, these are the most right-swiped people on Tinder.

Have you been spending your days swiping in oblivion (we mean on the app, you dirty bastards) in the hope of matching with the right person to spend those long winter evenings with?

How's the search going so far?

Cheer up though, all is not lost. The good people over at Elite Daily have found out the reasons that women have been swiping left on your profile...

Unsurprisingly, your photo choice has a lot to do with it, according to 27-year-old Ricki:

"If men aren’t smiling in their pictures, it means they either have really bad teeth or they have zero sense of humor. If they use screenshots of their snapchats, unless it is extremely hilarious, I don’t want to see it until we are Snapchat friends.

"If I see the same girl in every picture, I’m going to assume she is your recent ex-girlfriend, and you don’t have any good pictures of yourself since you guys broke up.

"Also, if you’re showing off the Grouper you just caught on your dad’s fishing boat… boy, bye."


Gabriella wants to see some photos of you:

"I’ll swipe left if all of their photos are on a mountain or a waterfall three miles away. One is cool and shows you’re adventurous, but I can’t see you, bro."

"Also, having pictures of heavy drinking or funneling beer in a frat from years ago is just not attractive."

Maddie wants you to take it easy on the group photos:

"If someone has five pictures on their profile, and all of them are group photos, most of us will assume you’re the shortest, most unattractive one in the photo and/or don’t have time to play detective and match your face in each photo.

"Also, to whoever was the first girl to have balls and flat-out ask her online match how tall they were, thank you. “5’8″ if you care” is an appreciated note, and if you fall under 5’9″, I’m swiping left."

According to Christina, sometimes it's not your fault at all:

"Anyone with my brother’s or ex-boyfriend’s names are an immediate left swipe. You better be a real dime piece if your name is 'Chris.'"

If it's not sunny, don't bother with the sunglasses according to Anna:

"If you have sunglasses on in every single picture, I’m swiping left. I know you want to show off that one time you went on a boat with all of your buddies, but how am I supposed to tell you apart from all the other 6-foot brunette men I go for?"

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