Gardaí arrest motorist in Dublin for trying to remove clamp with a hammer 3 months ago

Gardaí arrest motorist in Dublin for trying to remove clamp with a hammer

Kudos to the Gardaí on the MC Hammer reference.

As infuriating as having your vehicle clamped is, undoubtedly the best course of action is to just accept it and go through the proper channels to have it removed as soon as possible.

For various reasons, some motorists – even the Sinn Féin policing spokesperson – feel the need to try and remove wheel clamps manually, but it’s not an advisable course of action considering there will very likely be consequences.

One such motorist in Dublin - who had clearly parked in front of a fire exit -  tried to remove a Dublin City Council clamp from their Nissan Micra on Sunday with a hammer, but they were caught in the act by Gardaí from Pearse Street.


Images via Twitter/An Garda Síochána

They were also arrested, charged and are facing a day in court for an act possibly inspired by Homer Simpson’s manual removal of a clamp in a desperate attempt to escape New York City.

Clip via Bart

Gardaí posted a picture of the offending hammer on Twitter on Sunday and threw in an excellent MC Hammer reference for good measure; the ‘can’t touch this’ approach is always the best one to take in incidents like this.

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