Speed limits on the M50 could soon be changed in an effort to reduce traffic jams 5 years ago

Speed limits on the M50 could soon be changed in an effort to reduce traffic jams

If it works then we're all for it.

The current speed limits on the M50 could be changed in an effort to combat traffic jams at peak times.


Speaking to the Herald, Transport Minister Paschal Donohoe said that a number of measures are being looked at to reduce traffic congestion on the M50, including making speed limits adjustable depending on the volume of traffic, a system that is already in place on the M25 in the UK.

“People would get notice before they go into an area of what the speed limit will be,” Donohue said.

“Then the quantity of traffic on the road is an element in deciding what the speed limit should be.

“The speed limits that we have at the moment are determined purely by what the national speed limits are, which are 50, 80 and 100kph.

“For a small number of roads, most notably the M50, we need to look at a different approach.”


Donohue also spoke of the need for a better system to deal with traffic incidents that cause major delays on the M50 and elsewhere.


He also said that plans to improve the public transport network in the capital would reduce the need for people to travel to Dublin city centre and reduce traffic as a result.

“The change that has now happened with the M50 is that because of the quantity of traffic, if something happens it has an affect that is now nearly regional as opposed to just on the M50,” O’Donohue said.

“We’re going to be looking at new orbital bus routes,” he added.

“There are six of those already detailed by the National Transport Authority. They will form a big part of stopping people having to go into the city.”