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26th Aug 2015

This is how many Irish people actually pass their driving test first time

Fair play


We are a nation of motorists.

The dreaded driving test is a milestone a lot of us go through in life, but it turns out a lot of us have no reason to fear it with the majority of Ireland passing the test first time.

62.5% of motorists pass the driving test on their first attempt and 68% of drivers learned to drive by the age of 19.

Given our natural talent for road sports, it’s no surprise that 40% of Irish motorists feel drivers in Ireland should not be retested, whereas some 31% believe drivers should be periodically retested every ten years.

When asked how they learned to drive, 41% had a qualified driving instructor, 30% were taught by a parent and 13% learned by themselves.

After passing their driving test 87% have no further driving instruction.

These figures have been compiled from a survey of 1,404 motorists carried out by