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01st Dec 2020

We’re sorry, but a new clip from Wild Mountain Thyme is on the loose

Rudi Kinsella

wild mountain thyme

An exclusive new clip has been released…

So we all went a bit mad when the first trailer for Wild Mountain Thyme landed, and we had good reason to.

The Irish accents were a bit all over the shop, no one had any idea where or when it was set, and as Irish people, we felt a little bit offended.

Even Colm Meaney had his say on it.

But a new clip from the movie has now been released, and we feel obliged to inform you that… it’s actually pretty harmless. There’s no Emily Blunt or Christopher Walken this time around, but Jamie Dornan returns alongside Jon Hamm (speaking in his normal accent) and a whole load of mooing cows (seemingly in their local dialect).

“You don’t want to be a farmer. You want to own a farm. It’s not the same.” Truer words have never been spoken…

Take a look for yourself here:

Clip via Vulture

Directed by John Patrick Shanley, the movie is expected to be released in Ireland on 11 December this year and we cannot wait to see it.

You can take our Wild Mountain Thyme quiz here and check out our in-depth analysis of the initial trailer here.

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