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11th Nov 2020

35 questions that need answering from the Wild Mountain Thyme trailer

Patrick McCarry

Wild Mountain Thyme

“Once upon a time, there were two farms… “

Say no more, Christopher Walken, we’re in! The Wild Mountain Thyme trailer has made it an impossible task for the actual movie to ever reach such insane heights but, by the Lord God, we’ll all be watching to find out.

Ireland welcomed the gigantic distraction that the trailer – featuring Jamie Dornan, Emily Blunt, Jon Hamm and Christopher Walken – offered by going into reaction overdrive to the accents, fashion, accents again, pratfalls and general twee-ness on offer.

For those of you that were out churning butter or kissing Blarney Stones, here is what you have missed:

Clip via Movieclips Trailers

Naturally, we have questions. A lot of questions.

Here are the first 35 that jumped out at us, but we are sure you have more. If so, let us know them and we’ll try chase down the answers.

1. Is it the Maldoon family farm or the Muldoon family farm?

2. Does young Rosemary have a waterslide out the window?

3. “Why did you make me so?”

4. Is this what Irish boys are supposed to do with their spare time?

5. Why does Anthony (Jamie Dornan) have a grey streak in his hair? Are they trying to suggest he’s a bachelor in his 40s?

6. Would you trust your life to this boat (below)?

7. WTF is Rosemary (Emily Blunt) wearing here?!

8. Is Anthony hurling here or trying to ward off flying snakes?

9. Is ‘As mad as the full moon’ a common expression?

10. Is the death of John Kelly the dark sub-plot of the movie?

11. Are donkeys monogamous?

12. Would a legitimate farmer wear overalls of this hue?

13. Is peeping tommery alive and well in this part of Ireland?

14. Has this guy any involvement with the untimely passing of ‘mad as the moon’ John Kelly?

15. Is Walken on his way off this mortal coil?

16. Why wouldn’t the farm be left to Anthony? Is he bad with numbers?

17. Does Anthony dress himself?

18. How did John Hamm’s character earn his farm-buying fortune?

19. Another spotless piece of clothing out on the farm. Seriously?

20. What county are they supposed to be from?

21. Can cow dung make you slip like this?

22. Is Hamm a fan of the ballet or just trying to impress?

23. Ballet for a date. Good idea, bad idea?

24. What year is this supposed to be set in?

25. Is time travel involved in the movie?

26. Did Rosemary ever follow through on her vow to freeze her eggs?

27. Natural reaction to a woman having a dangerous fall off a wall?

28. Has Anthony ever worked a full day in his life?

29. Is it okay to kiss him if it was ‘he that kissed me’?

30. “What is love? Is it a quest?”

31. Did Rosemary win that talent contest?

32. Why is it only raining on Anthony?

33. “How many days do we have while the sun shines?”

34. “What are you doing?!!”

35. How many Oscars will Wild Mountain Thyme win?

11 December 11 (the film’s release date) can’t come quick enough…

If you liked the actual trailer, check out Wild Mountain Thyme reimagined as a horror below…

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