A scene-by-scene breakdown of the Godzilla vs. Kong trailer 1 year ago

A scene-by-scene breakdown of the Godzilla vs. Kong trailer

In which we argue that Godzilla vs. Kong should have no dialogue in the final movie whatsoever.

Released a few days ago, I've watched the Godzilla vs. Kong trailer about 15 times already. Maybe more.


If you haven't watched it yet, here it is. I'm going to watch it again right now.

Epic. Absolutely... epic.

The sequel to the 2014 and 2019 Godzilla movies, as well as the 2017 Kong: Skull Island movie, this monster mash has been on the cards ever since Warner Brothers announced that they were all going to be part of the same Monster Movie Universe, and I couldn't be happier.


However, while watching the movie one time with the sound turned off, I noticed something. Without hearing a word of dialogue from anyone, I could still follow the plot of the trailer very easily. And then I thought... does the final movie need any dialogue at all??

The following is each and every line of dialogue in the trailer, and while some of it makes for fantastic Trailer Talk, absolutely none of it feels strictly necessary.

"This is our only chance."

"We have to take it."


"We need Kong."

"The world needs him to stop what's coming."

"And this child... he's the only one he'll communicate with."

"I knew that they had a bond. She had nowhere to go, so I made a promise to protect her."


"And I think that in some way, Kong did the same."

There is then 30 SECONDS WITH NO DIALOGUE, and it is only AFTER Godzilla destroys aircraft carriers, tail-flicks jets out of the sky, and jumps from the water towards Kong's throat, does someone say: "It's Godzilla." Yeah, no shit.

Then Chris Classic's 'Here We Go' starts to play, which makes it sound like two boxers are about to enter the ring. Or, as YouTube describes it:

It is then ANOTHER 30 SECONDS before any more dialogue starts, and it is basically back-to-back Trailer Talk:


"These are dangerous times."

"Godzilla is out there, and he's hurting people, and we don't know why."

"There's something provoking him that we're not seeing here."

"I'm of the same opinion."

"The myths are real."

"There was a war."

"And they're the last ones standing."

"Who bows to who?"

"Kong bows to no-one."

And then there is no more dialogue, unless you want to include this:

Obviously, I don't think the final movie will be dialogue-free, as the stacked cast of Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler, Alexander Skarsgård, Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry, Eiza González, Jessica Henwick, Julian Dennison, and Demián Bichir all need something to say, but we can still dream...

On top of that, two other things stood out during the trailer.

One - I really appreciate this shot, because we can begin another fantasy in our minds, one that involves Godzilla causing havoc in the world of Blade Runner or Cyberpunk 2077. Take that, the future!

Two - At just three seconds into the trailer, what is that?

What... is that?

Is that... what I think it is??


If that turns out to be MechaGodzilla, I will completely lose my mind when I sit down to watch this.

Godzilla vs. Kong is set to debut in the United States on 26 March this year, and we'll have to see if cinemas are Ireland have re-opened by then before we get a confirmed release date.

All images and clips via Warner Bros. UK & Ireland