An absolute hidden gem mystery is finally available to watch at home in Ireland 1 month ago

An absolute hidden gem mystery is finally available to watch at home in Ireland

A must-watch for fans of Knives Out and other brilliantly odd mysteries.

The big-screen mystery is definitely making a comeback.


Thanks to box office hits like Murder on the Orient Express and Knives Out, you can see Hollywood is definitely sitting up and taking notice, between the two upcoming Knives Out sequels, the Ryan Reynolds-starring remake of Cluedo, and Saoirse Ronan headlining See How They Run, a murder-mystery set in London's West End theatre district.

One that unfortunately fell through the cracks is the brilliant The Kid Detective, but thankfully you can now rectify that blindspot in your viewing history this weekend.

Initially getting some brilliant reviews off the back of festival screenings in the States, it then missed an Irish theatrical release due to the pandemic.

The story follows Abe Applebaum (Adam Brody), a once highly-celebrated kid detective, who is now 32 and failing to reach the potential of his younger self. But when a client brings him his first "adult" case, trying to solve the brutal murder of her boyfriend, this could be the turning point his life has so desperately needed...

Los Angeles Times - "The Kid Detective is an unexpected mix of disparate elements that in the wrong hands could have resulted in lumpy parody but, fortunately, pours out as something smooth, funny, dark and potent."

Movie Nation - "With its lesser-known cast, The Kid Detective was always going to get lost in the cinematic shuffle, with or without a pandemic closing most theaters. But Morgan and his new muse have concocted a whodunit that could give Hercule Poirot a run for his money in a contest for the year’s best mystery."

Original Cin - "It’s not the kind of picture that wins awards, which is too bad because nestled within a traditional tale of a detective in need of redemption, is a story surprisingly unique and humane."


The Globe and The Mail - "Early in the film, Morgan is careful to highlight Abe’s talent in predicting a movie’s twist (“She poisoned his drink!”). It is extremely doubtful, though, that anyone could guess what happens at the end of The Kid Detective."

The Kid Detective is available to watch on NOW right now.

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