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19th Feb 2024

BBC reporter slammed for inappropriate questions to Andrew Scott on BAFTAs red carpet

Patrick McCarry

Andrew Scott

Leaned into that banter a bit too much.

A BBC reporter’s unfortunate exchange with Irish actor Andrew Scott has been rounded on my movie fans, and fans of common decency, after a clip emerged from the BAFTAs red carpet, on Sunday.

Scott, who was nominated as Best Actor for his role in All of us Strangers, stopped on the red carpet, before the ceremony for the British Academy Film and Television awards. The clip that was widely shared, on Sunday evening, featured a perplexed Scott reacting to a strange line of questioning about his compatriot, Barry Keoghan.

All Of Us Strangers, which Scott and Paul Mescal star in, was nominated for six BAFTAs but ended up without an award on a night when Oppenheimer (7) and Poor Things (5) shared 12.

Andrew Scott left dumbfounded by reporter’s line of questioning

The BBC interview with Andrew Scott was featured on the channel’s news station, live from the red carpet, at London South Bank, before the BAFTAs got underway.

To try give the reporter, Colin Paterson, his dues, he would have been flat-out trying to grab actors, directors and more as they headed by him and into the ceremony. You only get a few questions in, if you are lucky, and it can often feel rushed. That being said, throwing out a couple of crude remarks to Scott about the dancing of Barry Keoghan, and his appendage, was beyond the pale.

Scott was asked for his reaction when he saw Keoghan naked and dancing in his movie, Saltburn. “Jesus,” Scott remarked before being warned by another reporter not to give any spoilers away. The actor was clearly uncomfortable with the line of questioning, as much as he tried to smile his way through it. Then it got worse:

REPORTER: There was a lot of talk about prosthetics (being used in the movie). How well do you know Barry? Too much? Too much!”

With that, Scott was away as the reporter chuckled at his own question.

Understandably, there was an irate reaction to that clip on the BBC.

‘Thank you to the great Andrew Scott for making a gorgeous and sensitive film and fie upon this interviewer man for his gross and degrading insensitivity,’ one Twitter used replied to the clip. Another wrote, ‘Imagine getting time with a fantastic actor of fantastic work here to celebrate his finest film and going “have you seen this guy’s wang?” This is why no one takes film journalism seriously.’

As for the night itself, Cillian Murphy won Best Actor as Oppenheimer took home seven big awards, including Best Picture and Best Director for Christopher Nolan.

Poor Things, produced and developed by the team at Dublin-based Element Pictures, won five awards, including the Best Actress accolade for Emma Stone.

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