Aquaman has now made over one billion dollars worldwide 1 year ago

Aquaman has now made over one billion dollars worldwide

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Quite the splash.

They said it wouldn't work.

They said that Aquaman was too silly of a character to ever sell tickets.

They said that the DC Extended Cinematic Universe was too grim-dark and tonally inconsistent and rushed to ever capture the heights of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy again.

And while Aquaman certainly isn't on the same level of quality as something like The Dark Knight, one must nonetheless acknowledge its huge global success.

Despite the dreadfulness of Suicide Squad, the over-plotted madness of Batman v Superman and the awkward stitched-together dullness of Justice League, Aquaman has conquered all.

The end product turned out to be knowingly over the top goofy chaos and that tone seems to have struck a major chord with cinema-goers as the movie has now officially cleared the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office.

Jason Momoa busting out the Haka on red carpets may have helped word of mouth but frankly we don't have the metrics for such data.

What is certain is the former Khal Drogo and Conan the Barbarian is now part of a quite elite club, standing tall with the first DC superhero movie to generate a billion dollars since The Dark Knight Rises back in 2012.

It's also a brace for director James Wan, whose sole Fast and the Furious effort - that would be Furious 7 - wound up collecting $1.516 billion worldwide.

Expect plenty of aquatic-based action to come over the next few years, then.

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