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09th Apr 2023

Parks & Rec star Ben Schwartz is desperate to perform in Ireland, but needs your help

Rory Cashin

Ben Schwartz

We caught up with the actor ahead of his new horror-comedy arriving in cinemas this week.

We recently caught up with Ben Schwartz about his role as a villainous gangster leader in new horror-comedy Renfield, in which he acts with Nicolas Cage, who happens to be playing Dracula! Schwartz grabbed everyone’s attention as the spoiled brat Jean-Ralphio Saperstein in Parks & Recreation, but has also impressed with his roles in Night School, Sonic The Hedgehog, Modern Family and The Afterparty.

During our chat with Ben, we brought up the fact that he had tweeted about potentially bringing his stand-up show to Ireland, but it never materialised. He told us the following:

“We couldn’t get a venue! We couldn’t find a venue that was around the time we were doing the England show. I was so pumped to come but there wasn’t a venue that was available.”

“I’m not doing a bit, I literally tried to do – because I love Ireland so much – I tried to do England [and then on to] Ireland, and we found a venue and then we lost it, and then I had to announce the dates because it is in July. But if you find someplace, I could do it the day after, if there is a fun 2,000 person venue that has available dates, I can not tell you how much I would love to go over there.”

As per his his tour guide, that gig in London is on Thursday, 27 July. Your move, bookers of Ireland! Check out the full chat with Schwartz right here:

Ben Schwartz absolutely loves Ireland

Over the course of the chat, which also includes his thoughts on working with Nicolas Cage, getting hands-on with the tricky stunt work, and his favourite scary movies of all time, Ben Schwartz couldn’t help but continue to gush about Ireland, telling us all about his long trip here last time:

“I lived in Kilkenny for ten weeks. One of my favourite experiences of my life, it was the best. Stayed in Dublin for two weeks, did Galway, did the Aran Islands, it was one of my favourite experiences of all time.

“I did a report on how sports is a microcosm of society, and I went around to hurley players and I went around to gaelic football players, and I interviewed about 70 players. And then I compared that to American sports.

“And I just loved the camaraderie, and everybody just loves being around each other over there. As opposed to [America], where people when they finish playing, they just peace out, they don’t talk to each other.

“I can’t tell you how many pint glasses I stole to bring back to the States, and how much fun I had. The people there are just so loving and wonderful, so I am a huge fan of Ireland.”

Renfield arrives in Irish cinemas on Friday, 14 April, and you can check out our interview with Schwartz’s co-stars Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult right here:

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