QUESTION: What is the best Irish movie ever made? 5 years ago

QUESTION: What is the best Irish movie ever made?

We imagine this will kick off some healthy debate.

This week's episode of JOE and Her's movie podcast The Big Reviewski had a very strong Irish angle, since it involved reviewing Lady Bird and chatting to the cast of The Young Offenders.


Last week, we chatted about - and you guys and girls out there - what you thought the sexiest movie of all time was, and some of your answers were incredible.

From 02:55 to 4:53 in the link below, you can hear what some of your answers were, and while some of them made perfect sense to us, some of them... did not. To whomever thought Predator was the sexiest movie ever made, we need to sit down and talk to you, for realz.

Anyways, this week we have moved on to a new topic - What is your favourite Irish movie of all time?


Again, you can check out the link above from 05:03 to 09:59, and you'll here The Big Reviewski movie buffs chatting about their favourite Irish movies.

Well, we say chatting, but it almost breaks out into a full-on argument at one point, when one or two of the movies picked rub the other folks on the show up the wrong way.

But it does open up a whole conversation on what does actually constitute an Irish movie for you?

Does Lenny Abrahamson director Room, based on a book by an Irish author, even though it is fully set in the US, count as an Irish movie?


Does Three Billboards, with Martin McDonagh on writing and directing duties, count?

Does In Bruges count, with the all-star Irish cast, even though it was produced by Film4?

Can it be filmed in Ireland, and made with Irish money, like The Lobster?

Or does it have to be Irish to the bone, Irish cast, Irish crew, Irish money, Irish story, like Into The West?


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