According to a huge Twitter poll this is the best Simpsons episode ever 6 years ago

According to a huge Twitter poll this is the best Simpsons episode ever

Mono = one. Rail = rail.

I don't need to stand here and tell you that The Simpsons was fantastic. Like a gone-0ff carton of milk in your fridge, The Simpsons is well past its sell by date at this stage.


However, sometimes there is no other milk in the fridge so you have no choice but to drink the milk, it's not great but it has to do and you long for yesterday when the milk was better and in date.

Yes, we're comparing The Simpsons to milk, just roll with it.

There have been talks of a second Simpsons movie but the news went by without even the slightest bit of excitement.

News that Ed Sheeran, the world's biggest musician at the moment, would feature in an upcoming programme also didn't really kick up much of a fuss.


Despite all this, we still love The Simpsons, not for what it is now but what it used to be. Sure we even use phrases from the show in everyday life. 

People have tried to guess when the show started taking a turn for the worst and we say no, stop that. We shouldn't be figuring out its downfall but rather celebrating its glorious moments.

Comedy writer Thom Phipps (Fried, Asylum) did just that.

He decided to take it upon himself to create what he called The Simpsons World Cup. It's basically what it says on the tin, a round-robin tournament to discover the people's favourite Simpsons episode of all time.


Like the FIFA World Cup, he selected 64 of the show's most critically acclaimed episodes and one by one, winners were chosen by his followers until it was whittled down to just two.

It took over a month to get to the final and we were left with two very hard episodes to choose from, Marge V The Monorail or Last Exit To Springfield.

Here's the winner...



There was some very stiff opposition in the form of Lemon Of Troy. Mr Plow, Bart v Australia (how good are you at our knifey-spoony quiz?) and Flaming Moe's to name but a few.

The World Cup has been causing havoc on Twitter and while some were happy with the choice, other were definitely not...

You can find the whole thread here.


Do you agree? If not, what's your favourite Simpsons episode?