When exactly did The Simpsons go bad? This guy has graphed it out 6 years ago

When exactly did The Simpsons go bad? This guy has graphed it out

Despite the general consensus being that it hasn't been very good for a while now, everyone still loves The Simpsons.

You'd be hard pressed to find a WhatsApp argument that can't be won with a well-timed, just-right Simpsons meme, and just last week Twitter was awash with everyone weighing in on what Simpsons quote they use the most in day-to-day conversation.


There was a few years there when The Simpsons was the pinnacle for comedy, for television, for modern culture as we know it.

And then it all just kinda ... fell away.

Again, there is a general consensus that there was one episode in which everything changed, and that was The Principal And The Pauper, where we find out that Principal Skinner isn't actually Principal Skinner at all, and he was stepped into the life of another man, completely rewriting years and years of back-story for characters we've known and loved.

But it takes more than one misstep for everything to tumble down, and instead of that episode being the exception, it somehow became the rule.


To that end, this guy re-watched all 28 seasons of the show to date, and graphed out the highs and ever-increasing lows of the show to date, and it almost heart-breaking to look at.

So what do you reckon? Was there a particular episode when you washed your hands of the show, did a Croupier-like flourish and declared "I'm out"?