QUESTION: What is the greatest single scene from Spielberg's movies? 5 years ago

QUESTION: What is the greatest single scene from Spielberg's movies?

It is tough to get it down to just one.

With the arrival of Steven Spielberg's new blockbuster Ready Player One, we got thinking about the director's CV, and just how many amazing scenes he's given us over the years.


In the lead up to the movie hitting cinemas, we got to sit down with the cast and writer of the movie, and asked them all what their favourite Spielberg scene was:

The JOE team all absolutely loved Ready Player One, and truth be told, we wouldn't be surprised if there is one specific scene from the new movie that eventually makes its way on to people's Favourite Spielberg Scenes lists.

On this week's episode of The Big Reviewski, the movie buffs in JOE also chatted about their favourite Spielberg scenes, which you can check out right here:


Paul went with a very controversial choice by going with a scene from Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom, for a moment towards the climax of the movie in which Indy saves the day with the help of John Williams amazing score.

Rory also went a little controversial, by picking a scene from one of Spielberg's "lesser" movies. Specifically, the opening attack scene from his War Of The Worlds remake.

Eoghan went with... actually, we're not going to tell you, because that would give away the answer to our big quiz this week, which will be sending two lucky people to Italy for four nights. If you want to be in with a chance to win, then you need to listen out for Eoghan's answer in the episode, and then head over to the competition right here.


So tell us, what do you think the best Spielberg scene of all time is?