The Big Reviewski #16 is a spectacular Star Wars special with Daisy Ridley 3 years ago

The Big Reviewski #16 is a spectacular Star Wars special with Daisy Ridley

Greetings film fans!

This is Episode 16 of The Big Reviewski from JOE and Her, coming to you from a galaxy far, far away teeny tiny room in Ireland...


Even though some people may like to call The Big Reviewski a big piece of junk, it did manage to make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, so if it’s good enough for Han Solo, then it’s good enough for us.

In case you somehow haven't realised yet, it's a Star Wars special this week as Eoghan Doherty is joined by two of the most stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herders in the entire galaxy to celebrate May the 4th (be with you); it’s Paul Moore and Rory Cashin.

With fantastic film goodies to give away and some hairy Haiclues that are hairier than everyone’s favourite Wookie fuzzball, The Big Reviewski Episode XVI is one stellar show you won't want to miss...

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Now it's time to have your head melted by this week's Haiclue. Think you know the answer to the one below? Let us know your guess by tweeting @BigReviewski or you can WhatsApp us on the world's most forgettable number, 00353 874001103.


(In case you need a reminder of how the Haiclue works, click here.)

Starts out chasing cocks.

Judged to be believable,

By a famous horse.