The Big Reviewski Ep 39 with Will Smith, Bronagh Gallagher and another Will Smith 1 year ago

The Big Reviewski Ep 39 with Will Smith, Bronagh Gallagher and another Will Smith

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Greetings movie fans!

As is always the case in the movie world, some weeks are busier than others.


Last week, with the arrival of Joker, most other new releases stayed out of its way, because they all knew it was going to make A LOT of money.

Which probably explains why this week the Big Reviewski gang -  Eoghan DohertyRory Cashin and Paul Moore - have a lot to cover!

On top of reviewing all of the new releases - action thriller Gemini Man, Irish comedy drama A Bump Along The Way, and animated adventure Abominable - they're also previewing powerful Irish documentary Lost Lives.

As if that wasn't enough, Ireland Unfiltered's Dion Fanning chatted A Bump Along The Way's star Bronagh Gallagher, and the legendary Irish actress talks about everything from Pulp Fiction to The Commitments.

AND there is a long chat about which two Hollywood stars, who have never starred in a movie together before, would you most like to see buddy-up on the big screen?

Like we said, it is a VERY full episode this week!

Don't ask, just watch and listen here:


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Now it's time to have your head melted by this week's Haiclue. Think you know the answer to the one below? Let us know your guess by tweeting @BigReviewski or heading over to Instagram.


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Cuba v Japan,

Zoolander’s presidential,

Best friends click with nurse.

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