The cast of Bob's Burgers has a message for Tom Cruise 1 year ago

The cast of Bob's Burgers has a message for Tom Cruise

The Bob's Burgers Movie and Top Gun Maverick both arrive in Irish cinemas this weekend.

Over the years, there have been some incredible head-to-heads on the big screen, when two huge movies opened on the exact same weekend in cinemas.


Blade Runner and The Thing.

Ghostbusters and Gremlins.

Toy Story and Casino.

Jumanji and Heat.


Elf and Love Actually.

The Matrix and 10 Things I Hate About You.

This weekend will see a new duo attempt to share or divide the audience's attention, as both The Bob's Burgers Movie and Top Gun Maverick land in cinemas.

In the run-up to the animated movie's arrival, JOE chatted to the infamous voice cast, including H. Jon Benjamin (Bob), John Roberts (Linda) and Larry Murphy (Teddy).


We highly recommend checking out the video, as watching these actors slip seamlessly into their voice characters - especially John Roberts as Linda - is truly magical to behold.

During our chat, in which the cast discuss why the show has proved to be such a hit that it's now entering its 13th season, we asked what one particular quote by their beloved characters do fans ask them to repeat back to them the most?

John Roberts: "I think Linda, her go-to is 'ALRIIIGHT!', or 'OH MY FACE!'"


H. Jon Benjamin: "I mean, Bob probably says 'Oh my god' quite a bit. Not a lot of fans [ask for it], that hasn't quite caught on yet, perhaps, but I think almost everything Tina says."

Larry Murphy: "Yeah, definitely everything Tina says. I don't know that I have a line that people say to me, but I'd like it to be 'Hey Bobby, can I get a burger?' I wish they would do that."

We also mentioned that The Bob's Burgers Movie is out the exact same weekend as Top Gun Maverick (to which John Roberts replied "Never heard of it!"), so we asked if their characters had anything in particular they'd like to say to Tom Cruise on this momentous occasion?

Larry Murphy: "[Teddy] would have to say 'You can ride my tail anytime!'"

John Roberts: "Yeah, I would say that too, but in my own John voice!"


H. Jon Benjamin: "I feel the need... the need for a burger!"

John Roberts: (in full Linda voice) "ALRIIIIIGHT!"

Unfortunately we didn't get to chat to Tom Cruise for a right-to-reply type situation, but we did chat to his co-stars Miles Teller (right here) and Jon Hamm (below) about their roles in the long-delayed, much-anticipated sequel.

The Bob's Burgers Movie and Top Gun Maverick are both in Irish cinemas from Friday, 27 May.