Bruce Willis has dropped a Nakatomi Plaza-sized bombshell about the eternal Die Hard debate 3 years ago

Bruce Willis has dropped a Nakatomi Plaza-sized bombshell about the eternal Die Hard debate

We're more shook than Hans Gruber falling from that window.

If you're stripping back the greatest action film of all time to a few simplistic moments, it's possible to read Die Hard as a matter of choice.


For example, Harry Ellis isn't a coke-addicted weasel that was incredibly creepy around Holly McClane. To some people, he genuinely was "Hans, *bubby*, I'm your white knight" that was a bit misunderstood.

Also, you could argue that Takagi risked the safety of his employees by not giving Hans the code to the vault immediately - then again, Mr Gruber probably would have killed him anyway.

See, Die Hard is far more complex than the simplistic tale of a man trying to reconcile with his wife while trying to find a decent pair of shoes from a bunch of terrorists "with feet smaller than my sister."

Oh yeah, it also helps that McClane's trail of destruction is so bad that the entire building is "gonna need a paint job and a shit load of screen doors."

Given the fact that we absolutely adore  John McTiernan's classic here in JOE Towers - this quizzes on Die Hard trivia and quotes should do the trick - but there's one topic that has eternally divided fans. 

Is Die Hard a Christmas film?

FYI, we're 101% certain that it is - we even wrote an article explaining our reasons here - but Bruce Willis is after sticking shards of broken glass into our heart.


During the soon to be aired The Comedy Central Roast Of Bruce Willis, John McClane himself closed the evening by saying "Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!"

We're refusing to believe him. It must have been tongue in cheek because John does have a sense of humour. After all, he did say to Holly : "Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs..."