The cast of Fast 9 reveal where they want to film Fast 10 5 months ago

The cast of Fast 9 reveal where they want to film Fast 10

Yes, they all think filming in Ireland is a must.

A few months back, when the latest trailer for Fast 9 was released, we took part in a global press conference and the conversation turned to filming a Fast & Furious sequel in Ireland.


Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and director Justin Lin all weighed in on the topic, but this time, we had some proper face-to-face time with the cast of the Fast & Furious 9, and asked them directly about dream locations for the next F&F movies.

They've already set up action scenes in Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo, Mexico, Brazil, London, Atlanta, Havana, Canary Islands, Glasgow, Abi Dhabi, New York, Iceland, Edinburgh, Thailand, and Hawaii, to name but a few.

So we had to ask, is there anywhere they haven't filmed yet they'd like to go to? And what're the chances of filming some explosions in Ireland?

First up, is Tyrese Gibson:

Here is where he said he'd like to go with the next entries:

"We gotta get some South Africa. We gotta get some Australia. [...] We did Iceland but we gotta go with Greenland. We got other places to go. We’ve never done Hawaii. We did Miami for 2 Fast 2 Furious but I had so much fun out there I wanna go back.


"I think at the end of the day the diversity and inclusion, which is a torch that we’ve been proudly carrying for twenty years is a part of the success of this franchise. Just people being able to see that someone in this movie looks like them or is from where they’re from has been huge for us. And the fact that some way, somehow, figuring out how to reinvent the wheel has created a level of loyalty and kind of this uber-fan and supporter experience thatI hope we never lose."

And when we mentioned shooting in Ireland, he responded: "We gotta get some Ireland, you know what I mean? So, we’ll get it done."

Next up, Jordana Brewster:

When asked about her dream locations, Brewster responded:


"We haven’t gone to Africa yet, we haven’t gone to Italy yet. I’d like to go back to Brazil but that’s completely selfish. So yeah, Africa and Italy."

When we mention Ireland, Brewster thinks they've already been, but we point out that while Scotland can look a lot like Ireland, they haven't actually been here yet:

"No, you’re right, they went to Scotland, sorry. No, Ireland, some beautiful races in Ireland would also be amazing thrown in there."

And, last but not least, Ludacris:


His picks for action destinations:

"It’s such a good question but Africa is the place that we need to take the movie. Absolutely. And I’m hearing we’re supposed to do a part ten, so I am hoping and I’m definitely telling everybody that we need to go to Africa."

Again, we point out they've not been to Ireland yet, and Luda reveals he's already had the time of his life here, and absolutely wants to come back:


"So we’ve never been to Ireland - we’ve never even stopped through Ireland? Awh okay, yeah, you’re right. We’re gonna have to do that and visit the whiskey distilleries and everything and that great steak that y’all have there and the green pastures and the butter and all of the great things.

"You would never believe it but I went to - damn, what’s it called - Jacks? Captain Jacks? It’s a nightclub or something like that?"

We're guessing he is meaning Copper Face Jacks, and yep, he's been there!

"Copper Face Jacks! Bro, I went there, I had a great time. Come on, who can say they’re more Irish than me!"

And we're absolutely not going to argue with him on that one.

Fast & Furious 9 is out in Irish cinemas on Thursday, 24 June.

Clip via Universal Ireland