Cat Deeley learns about 'Playboy Bunny Murders' on first show hosting This Morning 3 months ago

Cat Deeley learns about 'Playboy Bunny Murders' on first show hosting This Morning

Deeley was joined by Rylan Clark on her first day.

Cat Deeley stepped onto set for her first day as the new host of This Morning after Holly Willoughby vacated the role last month.


The 47-year-old, who is wife of Late Late Show presenter Patrick Kielty, was partnered with Rylan Clarke on Monday to kick the week off.

One of their first guests on the show were novelist and broadcaster Marcel Theroux and criminologist David Wilson.

Theroux, brother to documentarian Louis, is the man behind a new ITV show which focuses on a series of murders which took place in London in the 1970s.

The case involves German-born Eve Stratford, a Playboy Bunny who, at 22, was murdered in her own home. Her case has never been solved and is linked with two similar unsolved killings around the same time.


This Morning hosts dig into unsolved case of murdered Playboy Bunny

Speaking on the documentary, Theroux said: "What was amazing to me was that I hadn't heard of these crimes."

The maker of the show interviewed, Gladys, the mother of Linda Farrow, one of the women linked to the case, who was "convinced that the same man had murdered both her daughter and an ex-Bunny girl who was murdered in 1975."


Gladys, who died two years ago, had a particularly big effect on Theroux, with the documentarian saying, "when a 92-year-old woman says 'I hope you can help me, it really touches you'".

"It just boggled my mind that both of these crimes remain unsolved and are cold cases," he told the hosts.

Theroux highlighted that the Playboy Club was Europe's biggest casino at the time was an "absolute money spinner". He also mentioned that when Stratford was murdered, police focused on that club and the possible "financial shenanigans" going on there that might have led to her murder.

During the interview, both Cat Deeley and co-host Rylan seemed shocked by the details. The new This Morning host asked both men if they thought the case had been left unsolved because they were Playboy Bunnies.


Wilson replied by saying that, as well as DNA profiling being non-existent in the 70's, there was also an air of misogyny around the case

"The most shocking thing in terms of what we both discovered was that these were women. We looked at four in the documentary, we could have doubled that number and those women were being murdered and no one was being caught.

"Even though people might think it's the 1970s, some of the themes that have been talking about are current today."

The Playboy Bunny Murder airs on ITV1 & ITVX at 9pm on Monday, November 13.


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