Christopher Nolan would 'love to make a Bond film' but there's a catch 5 years ago

Christopher Nolan would 'love to make a Bond film' but there's a catch

The Dark Knight director is 100% up for Bond.

Very few directors can have studios and acting talent queuing up to work with them, but in terms of Christopher Nolan, the Dunkirk director can pick and choose his projects. Since grabbing the world's attention with Memento, Nolan has shown that he's extremely capable of making blockbusters that also please the arthouse fans.


With Dunkirk nominated for eight Oscars, plenty of people are very curious to see what the talented director does next, but with the upcoming Bond film still to find a director, plenty of people are hoping that Nolan enters the world of 007.

In recent years, the director hasn't hidden his love for the Bond franchise and he's definitely up for making a 007 film.

Nolan was a guest on BBC's seminal show Desert Island Discs and he spoke candidly about his prospects of directing Bond 25.

When asked if he will be directing the movie, Nolan said: ‘I won’t be the man, no, no.’


This being said, he reiterated his stance that he'd love to make a 007 film at some time in the future. "I would love to make a Bond film at some point. I think those producers Barbara [Broccoli] and Michael [Wilson] do a tremendous job and so has [director] Sam Mendes. I have always been very inspired by the films," he said.

The next Bond film, the 25th in the series, is due out in November 2019 and Daniel Craig will be returning.


If Nolan does come on board, he might be interested to know that Tom Hardy has previously said that he'd love to play the character if Nolan directed a Bond film. Now, who wouldn't want to see that?