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30th Jul 2023

Cillian Murphy shares positive update on Peaky Blinders movie

Rory Fleming

Make this happen…

Cillian Murphy is the talk of the film industry following last week’s release of the highly-anticipated Oppenheimer.

Murphy stars as American scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the man behind the atomic bomb, in Christopher Nolan’s three-hour long biopic.

The Irish actor has starred in many other big-name films such as The Dark Night, Inception and Dunkirk but is best known for his portrayal of Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders.

First aired in 2013, Shelby was the boss of the Birmingham criminal gang and played the role until the series came to an end in 2022.

Ever since the BBC period drama came to an end, fans have been kept on the edge of their seats after rumours of a spin-off film about the Peaky Blinders came to life.

During an episode of HAPPY SAD CONFUSED while on the Oppenheimer press tour, Murphy was asked: “Does it feel like Peaky is in the rear view now, have you separated yourself from Tommy and that experience or is it too soon to say that?”

Murphy has provided a positive update about a potential Peaky Blinders movie to fans. (Credit: Getty Images)

He then replied: “It was 10 years of my life playing that character. I think the show succeeded because the writing was so phenomenal.”

Murphy then gave Peaky Blinders fans a positive update on the potential film and admitted he would be interested if he was approached.

“If there’s a movie there, and if there’s more story to tell, I’ll definitely have the conversation. I think we ended really, really, well in the TV version of it,” Murphy continued.

“I’m very proud that the show never plateaued in my opinion. I think each series was richer than the last, so I’m very proud that we achieved that.

“But it has to be right. Steve Knight wrote 36 hours of television, and we left on such a high. I’m really proud of that last series.

“So, it would have to feel legitimate and justified to do more.”

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