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14th Mar 2023

Colin Farrell’s son says kind words about his dad in heartwarming Oscar interview

Stephen Porzio


Meanwhile, Colin said he and his son Henry had “the best time” in the run-up to the awards show.

Many in Ireland are sure to be disappointed that Dublin’s own Colin Farrell lost out on the Academy Award for Best Actor for The Banshees of Inisherin to Brendan Fraser in The Whale at the weekend.

On the plus side though, the In Bruges star did appear to have fun at the Oscars with his youngest son, 13-year-old Henry Tadeusz Farrell, who was his companion for the show.

Wearing matching tuxedos, the pair were recorded bantering with each other and interviewers on the not-so-red carpet, as evidenced by a clip posted online by Extra.

In the video, Henry is asked by a reporter if Colin is “a tough dad” and a “disciplinarian”. Upon hearing this, Colin pretends to bribe his son, gesturing to his suit jacket pocket and telling him: “That $20 could be yours, man.”

In response to this, Henry says: “Oh, no. He’s definitely nice, definitely nice,” before jokingly wiping sweat from his brow.

Another reporter interviewing the pair then asked Henry to tell them something about the Oscar nominee “that nobody else knows”.

As Henry laughs, Colin interjects, telling his son: “Don’t even bother, come on. Don’t capitulate to that pressure,” adding to the journalists: “He’s a newbie.”

Also, during the interview, the actor revealed that he skipped the pre-Oscar parties on Friday night to stay in his hotel room with his son and watch The Whale.

“We were in our pyjamas eating cheeseburgers watching The Whale. It was perfect,” he recounted.

“It was raining outside. Me and him in our pyjamas, talking about this weekend. Couldn’t have been any better.

“I’m going to sit with a bunch of good fine folks and drink Coca-Cola for two hours and talk s***, no. We had the best time.”

You can watch the interview with Colin and Henry on YouTube right here:

And you can watch JOE’s own interview with Farrell, as well as with his Banshees co-star Brendan Gleeson, for the comedy-drama movie below.

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