Colin Farrell's best roles 8 years ago

Colin Farrell's best roles

He's been on our screens for so long that it seems like he was always there, but the boy from Castleknock has come a long way since Ballykissangel. Here are a few of his most memorable roles.

Minority Report


Colin Farrell first grabbed everyone's attention as the cocky agent Danny Witwer in Minority Report opposite Tom Cruise, and it seemed like he'd come out of nowhere.

As Witwer, he had most of us fooled with his very decent American accent, we must say, at first we didn't even realise he was an Irishman.


It's pretty difficult to grab any limelight when you're opposite one of the biggest movie stars in the world in Cruise, and it's always tricky when the movie is based on a piece of literature by a highly-esteemed author like Philip K. Dick, but Farrell did a great job on both accounts, and made this a Hollywood blockbuster that was worth remembering.

In Bruges

A quirky comedy that seemed to have one of the weirdest story lines we'd ever come across, it was both surprisingly funny and massively dark in parts, but once again, Farrell played with the balance between the two pretty well.

It also led to a whole lot of Irish people heading over to Belgium to see Bruges (or Brugge) and eating some delicious Belgian waffles. The frites aren't bad either.


Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson

Anyway, this film has also become pretty iconic and the witty banter between himself and Brendan Gleeson seemed so natural that it seems that it hadn't been scripted.


A real cult classic, Intermission has been quote more times in the JOE office than we care to remember. Rarely is a tea made without brown sauce being offered, and anyone who dares to grow any facial hair on their top lip is asked about their 'Ronnie'.



It almost seemed strange to see Farrell back in Ireland considering how much success he was having abroad, but the movie really took on a life of its own and it is now one of his most memorable performances. The opening scene where he chats to the girl behind the counter in the cafe caught everyone's attention, and the movie just got better from there.

Phone Box

He really cemented his position as a Hollywood star with his appearance in Phone Booth. He was forced, for large parts of the movie, to simply carry it on his own, and his performance was up to the challenge.



It's always difficult when you're asked to be the only person on screen, the audience has to really be drawn to you or else the film falls flat on its face within a few minutes. Once again, Farrell proved he has the right stuff to be a leading man.

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