Producers of The Jinx are back with a horrifying new true crime documentary series 4 months ago

Producers of The Jinx are back with a horrifying new true crime documentary series

True crime fans will definitely be watching this.

The documentary genre has consistently been an extremely popular one throughout the history of cinema but in recent years, it's arguable that a handful of 'relatively recent' titles have elevated the genre into the pop-culture lexicon.

In strictly cinematic terms, titles like Fahrenheit 9/11, Super Size Me, Capturing the Friedmans, The Imposter, and Senna have ben massive hits with audiences and critics alike.

However, when it comes to the medium of TV, it's arguable that two features were instrumental in the resurgence of the true crime craze, Making a Murderer and The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst.

If you haven't seen The Jinx yet, you need to do so immediately because the HBO documentary is one of the rare cases when the medium of filmmaking has actually influenced the real life case. We're not going to give the ending away, but it's genuinely stunning.

After winning two Emmys, the producers of The Jinx are now examining a very different case in No One Saw A Thing.

Ok, what's it about?

The six-part true crime documentary series examines an unsolved and mysterious death in the American Heartland and the corrosive effects of vigilantism in small-town America. The case garnered international attention in the early 1980s after a so-called ‘town bully’ was shot dead in front of almost 60 townspeople in tiny Skidmore, Missouri. These witnesses deny having seen anything, to this very day.”

When the trailer starts with a woman saying “I’m really glad he’s dead. It was the only way he was going to stop," you know that there's far more to this case than meets the eye. What unfolds is a deadly path of death and destruction as vigilantism spirals out of control.

Award-winning Israeli filmmaker Avi Belkin (“Mike Wallace Is Here”) directs and serves as executive producer of the six-episode series, which is also executive produced by Jason Blum, Jeremy Gold, and Marci Wiseman and co-executive produced by Mary Lisio as part of Blumhouse Television (The Jinx)

Take a look at what's in store.

No One Saw A Thing airs on August 1 in the US and just like The Jinx, we fully expect it to be aired in Ireland at a later date.

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